Buy Safe Products For Your Baby

Bringing a baby home is a thrilling feeling. You want the house and the baby’s room to be at its best. So you go out baby shopping and buy out the whole store. It is very natural for you to be excited and shop but do you take a moment to know how safe the product is for your baby?

For instance the crib mattress is supposed to be firm. Parents assume that as the baby is fragile a soft mattress is preferable. This is just a myth. A firm mattress is what is required, push your finger in it, and if you encounter resistance then the mattress is right. Only foam mattresses sulk and sag soon as against a coil and foam combination. So a little extra money will go a long way. Also make sure there is no gap between the crib and the mattress, else your little one will dig in with their tiny fingers and hurt themselves.

Another important purchase is that of a car seat. Parents wonder as to which is the best car seat available? Certainly not the one your neighbour has purchased or what your sister has. You have to understand the height and weight of your baby and buy the one that make him or her comfortable. Your baby should sit firm in it with no loose space to wobble.

Bathtubs are an everyday use and need to be carefully inspected before purchase. Check for stoppers at the bottom so that the bathtub does not move even under water pressure. Sometimes bathtubs have a seat designed to keep your baby and allows you a free hand. But do not buy suction seats, floating seats as they can topple over and lead to drowning. Sometimes there are niches made to hold the soap and shampoo, this helps out. Keep all the equipments ready for the bath before you get your baby. And at no time leave your baby unattended or in the care of an older sibling. Take your baby with you, if the doorbell rings or you need to take a call. Water and babies is an alarming combination. So please take care.

Walkers are researched to be a terrible purchase. Research shows that your child will not start walking faster with a walker. He or she will begin only when they can, it also impedes crawling, creeping which is a natural tendency. If you have a big house with stairs and pools and heaters do not ever purchase a walker as you child will trip over and fall. There have been over than 38 fatal crisis where kids have fallen from the walkers.

Toys look cute and teddies are cuddly. But not all toys meet safety standards. Children pick loose eyes and swallow them. Sometimes painted toys have harmful lead in them that is fatal when swallowed.